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The "Deloitte Sustained Excellence Aware 2013" for the operator of the Biotech-Park Pfungstadt

15. November 2013

This year, just like last year, R-Biopharm AG impressed
at the “Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Awards” and came
first in the category “Sustained Excellence”.

In addition to strong sustained growth, the award primarily recognises companies that make a lasting impression due to their excellent services and financial success. Here, the key evaluation criteria are competitive advantage, management, appeal of the market segment, as well as financial performance indicators. Innovation, entrepreneurship and continued growth over a period of five years are measured and awarded. With standard-setting product launches – such as the world’s first market-ripe test kit for the detection of noroviruses – R-Biopharm AG has maintained its position as a reliable innovator for years, and has had a continued revenue growth of 10–15% since 2006.

R-Biopharm AG was just awarded “Company of the Year” at regional level in September. However, the award from the prestigious Deloitte Awards in particular confirms the sustainable innovative power of the global group. As one of the few life-science companies, and contrary to the general trend, the company has also managed to successfully assert itself this year: “We find that specifically IT and Internet companies have been particularly successful this year,” said Dr. Andreas Gentner, Partner and Head of Technology, Media & Telecommunications (TMT) at Deloitte. “This is due to the growing trend towards digital mobility (…).”

For the company management, who accepted the award on 7 November in Dusseldorf’s Alten Kesselhaus, this award is further confirmation that the company policy is both successful and future-oriented. “We are particularly pleased to have won the Deloitte Sustained Excellence Award,” said CEO Dr. Ralf Dreher, “because it confirms our commitment in the areas we consider significant for us and the future success of our company. Thus, our primary objective is not simply to achieve rapid growth, but solid, steady growth. This can only be achieved through thinking and acting sustainably – and putting this sustainability into practice, as we have been doing at R-Biopharm for 25 years. This is about developing innovative solutions and high-quality products in order to find pioneering answers to new issues. Here, the prudent use of resources is just as important as systematic investments, in order to develop a culture for our employees that offers scope for development. We aim to achieve this by maintaining open and fair relationships with colleagues, customers and partners. And by carrying out excellent research and development work, which takes a look at the bigger picture beyond the here and now, as demonstrated by the construction of the Biotec-Park Pfungstadt. We just want to provide the impetus to make the world that little bit better. And we are especially delighted to see such excellent results.“

R-Biopharm AG
The worldwide active biotechnology company R-Biopharm AG is one of the leading providers of reliable test systems for clinical diagnostics as well as food and feed analysis. Since 1988 R-Biopharm AG has been developing innovative products which distinguish themselves through their high quality, safety and efficiency. Aware of its responsibility towards humans, animals and the environment, R-Biopharm uses its experience and network of expertise with international partners and daughter companies to fulfill its clients’ current and future requests while also providing help and answers for new challenges.

Deloitte provides services in the areas of auditing, tax consultancy, consulting and corporate finance for companies and institutions from all sectors of the economy. In Germany, legal advice is provided by Deloitte Legal. With a global network of member companies in more than 150 countries, Deloitte brings outstanding expertise with first-class services to help its clients address complex business challenges. For Deloitte’s approximately 200,000 employees, “to be the standard of excellence” is both a shared vision and personal aspiration.

25 years of R-Biopharm AG - Innovation for the future

17. July 2013

To mark the company’s 25th anniversary, R-Biopharm is continuing its success story with innovative investments and structural measures.

In just 25 years, R-Biopharm has succeeded in developing into a brand of international standing. Even the company’s founder, Dr. Ralf M. Dreher, could not have imagined the extraordinary success at the beginning. What began in 1988 with 6 employees has evolved into a leading global player with over 500 employees, numerous awards and by now annual sales exceeding 100 million Euros.

Continuous development and steady growth have shaped the history of the company ever since. With its founding idea of testing food for mycotoxins and pharmaceutical residues, R-Biopharm was ahead of its time from the very start. In the late eighties the general awareness of food safety increased. Consumers were scarcely aware of health risks, such as antibiotics in meat or aflatoxins in grains, while efficient testing methods were scarce, complex, time-consuming, and expensive. R-Biopharm was one of the first companies to pioneer the development and production of high-quality test kits for food and feed analysis and clinical diagnostics that were reliable and user-friendly. R-Biopharm has been providing solutions to current problems for 25 years. One example is the horsemeat scandal in the spring of 2013, where R-Biopharm, with its SureFood® ANIMAL ID Horse, was the only European supplier to offer a commercial real-time PCR test kit to detect equine DNA in food.

In order to be able to offer advanced analytical procedures in the future, R-Biopharm is focusing on expanding and developing innovative technology platforms, such as microarrays and innovations in the new field of personalized medicine. To make therapies for patients more effective and cheaper, procedures are being developed that will help to facilitate the use of personalized medication.

The company’s own research and development work is supported by an extensive global network of competent partners in the areas of technology, distribution and service. Bringing together the various strengths and resources in the stable, flexible structure of R-Biopharm guarantees consistently excellent service.

The issue of sustainability is another essential building block for the future that has been an important part of R-Biopharm’s company culture for 25 years. This includes the establishment of the interdisciplinary competence and R&D centre Biotech-Park Pfungstadt and the introduction of the R-Biopharm Supplier Award for outstanding performance of suppliers, which will be awarded for the first time during the anniversary celebrations on 5 July 2013. Practiced sustainability is above all reflected in the unique “R-Biopharm culture”. Openness, treating colleagues and customers fairly, and generous development opportunities are the actual “secret recipe” for CEO Ralf Dreher:

“When I look back on 25 successful years today, the continuous positive development of R-Biopharm seems like a dream. I am often asked: What is the recipe for your success? The most convincing answer for me is that we have the right people, the perfect environment and a culture that provides leeway and allows development.” Preserving this unique culture, maintaining entrepreneurial independence and a high commitment to innovation are the key tasks for the successful future of the Group.”

R-Biopharm sustains long-term success

22. November 2012

R-Biopharm wins Deloitte Fast 50 Award for Sustained Excellence

For years innovative high quality products and a sustainable management have been the central value for the internationally active biotechnology company located in Hessen, Germany. R-Biopharm has already been presented with the Deloitte Fast 50 Award for its successful growth twice (2004, 2005) and having sustained this growth, R-Biopharm received further recognition at this year’s Fast 50 awards ceremony: the Deloitte Sustained Excellence Award. For the company this is the acknowledgment for its strategy concept of innovative product development and sustainable business management.

The award honors companies presenting innovation, entrepreneurial spirit, excellent performance and continuous growth for a period of no less than 5 years. With benchmark setting new developments such as the world’s first test kit for the detection of Norovirus, R-Biopharm defends its position as the reliable innovator it is. Within the Life Science segment the company has achieved continuous growth rates of 10 – 15% since 2006 even throughout the crisis period of 2008/2009.
“Winning the Sustained Excellence Award confirms our concept and philosophy: only those who think and act sustainable can successfully perform long-term”, Dr. Ralf Dreher, Chairman of R-Biopharm AG. In other words, Dr. Dreher sees this award not only as recognition for successful development and business decision making in the past years but also for R-Biopharm’s fundamental company philosophy: Innovation, Creativity and Sustainability. An essential part of this philosophy is the development of our employees who are provided with a wide scope of development opportunities and freedom of design to enable them to work to their full potential while sustaining a high level of employee satisfaction.

R-Biopharm AG

The worldwide active biotechnology company R-Biopharm AG is one of the leading providers of reliable test systems for clinical diagnostics as well as food and feed analysis. Since 1988 R-Biopharm AG has been developing innovative products which distinguish themselves through their high quality, safety and efficiency. Aware of its responsibility towards humans, animals and the environment, R-Biopharm uses its experience and network of expertise with international partners and daughter companies to fulfill its clients’ current and future requests while also providing help and answers for new challenges.


The Sustained Excellence Award is part of the Fast 50 award ceremony for German businesses in the fields of Communications, IT and Life Science and is assessed according to market position, innovative spirit, management and business culture as well as the financial performance within a 5 year period. Detailed information can be viewed under:

RIDASCREEN® Gliadin receives AOAC Official First Action Status


R-Biopharm is proud to announce the RIDASCREEN® Gliadin ELISA, for the detection and quantification of gluten in foods has been accepted by AOAC International as Official First Action method. The AOAC Official Methods Board adopted the method “Gliadin as a Measure of Gluten in Foods containing wheat, rye and barley Enzyme Immunoassay Method based on a specific monoclonal antibody to the potentially celiac toxic amino acid prolamin sequences Collaborative Study” as Official First Action and assigned it Official MethodsSM number 2012.01.

The RIDASCREEN® Gliadin uses the Codex Alimentarius recommended “R5” gliadin antibody, which is generally accepted as the standard method for the detection of gluten in foods. The method uses the unique, patented Cocktail Solution according to Mendez, ensuring a correct quantification of gliadin, also in processed foods.

“Receiving the Official Fist Action status by AOAC is recognition of R-Biopharm’s ongoing efforts to produce the highest quality, reliable methods to ensure the safety of food and food products to protect consumer’s health”, said Dr. Sigrid Haas-Lauterbach, R-Biopharm AG, division manager food & feed analysis. “In particular with respect to those with celiac disease, we are pleased to enable gluten free food producers to produce according to the highest quality assurance methods”.

The use of wheat flour and gluten in foodstuffs is extremely common because of their heat stability and useful effects on texture, moisture retention and flavour. Gluten consists of two groups of proteins (prolamines and glutelins) which are present in wheat, barley, and rye. Prolamins such as gliadin have been identified as major cause for gluten intolerance (celiac disease). Celiac patients must avoid gluten in their diet.

“The RIDASCREEN® Gliadin ELISA is the most widely used method worldwide for the detection of gluten in foods” said Stella Lindeke, R-Biopharm AG, product manager allergens. “Together with the RIDA®QUICK Gliadin lateral flow test, the RIDASCREEN® FAST Gliadin and the RIDASCREEN® Gliadin competitive assay we can offer a complete product range for gluten management in food production”. 

R-Biopharm is dedicated to develop and produce analytical methods to ensure human and animal health. The company’s food & feed analysis division produces test kits for quality assurance of food and feed. Products include methods for the detection of mycotoxins, allergens, antibiotics, hormones, microorganisms etc. The R-Biopharmproducts are sold worldwide through a network of subsidiaries and distributors.

R-Biopharm Group Receives FDA Clearance for RIDASCREEN® Norovirus 3rd Generation EIA antigen detection assay

Washington, 02-23-2011

R-Biopharm Group, Washington, MO, today announced that it has received clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its antigen detection assay, RIDASCREEN® Norovirus 3rd Generation EIA, as an aid in investigating the possible cause for acute gastroenteritis outbreaks.

Noroviruses are the most common cause of acute gastroenteritis world-wide, with more than an estimated 21 million cases a year in the US alone. They are frequently involved in outbreaks in community settings, such as nursing homes, hospitals, day care centers and prisons, and on cruise ships. Norovirus outbreaks are difficult to control and result in significant socio-economic burden. The RIDASCREEN® Norovirus 3rd Generation EIA assay facilitates the possible diagnosis of norovirus outbreaks in less than 2 hours, thereby enabling faster implementation of outbreak control procedures. R-Biopharm Group, a leading manufacturer of immunoassays for infectious disease now introduces this internationally successful test to the US clinical market.

RIDASCREEN® Norovirus 3rd Generation is a qualitative enzyme immunoassay (EIA) intended for the detection of selected genogroup I and genogroup II norovirus strains in human feces. This represents the first FDA clearance for the in vitro diagnosis of norovirus infections. The test has not been cleared by FDA for diagnosing individual patients.

Lon Murphy, Vice President Clinical Sales R-Biopharm Inc., commented, “ We are very excited to introduce this test to the US market. RIDASCREEN® Norovirus 3rd Generation EIA offers our laboratory customers a reliable, easy to use alternative to molecular testing. Rather than sending samples to a secondary facility, infections may be identified at or near the location of the outbreak. Studies have shown that early and fast diagnosis followed by appropriate hygiene interventions significantly reduces the socio-economic burden caused by norovirus outbreaks. We look forward to the success of RIDASCREEN® Norovirus 3rd Generation EIA and anticipate introducing several Norovirus testing formats in the future to provide laboratories with additional testing options.”

For additional information regarding RIDASCREEN® Norovirus 3rd Generation EIA or the R-Biopharm Group please contact or call (877) 789-3033.

R-Biopharm is a German based leading developer and producer of test solutions

for clinical diagnostics with ISO 13485 / ISO 9001 certification and FDA registration.

R-Biopharm possesses many years of sound experience in clinical diagnostics, particularly in the field of infectious stool diagnostics. New standards have been set, for example, by the development of the RIDASCREEN® Norovirus 3rd Generation EIA for the detection of norovirus, the most common viral cause of gastroenteritis outbreaks worldwide. R-Biopharm Inc., the United States operation, is located in Washington, MO.



Darmstadt, Germany , April 15, 2010 - R-Biopharm AG, a leading developer of test solutions for clinical diagnostics and food and feed safety has announced today that the company has purchased a majority ownership position in Trilogy Analytical Laboratory, Inc. based in Washington, Missouri. Founded in 1999, Trilogy Analytical is considered the premier commercial testing laboratory for the detection of mycotoxins and other contaminants for food and feed safety. Trilogy’s current facility has expanded into a 22,000 sq. ft. state of the art laboratory facility that employs 28 people. Trilogy’s analytical technology includes LC-MS-MS, HPLC and GC-MS. In addition, Trilogy offers a consumable product line that includes purification columns, chromatography standards and certified reference materials for use in the detection of mycotoxins. “The management team and the senior technical staff will remain in place and Trilogy will continue to operate independently” according to Dr. Ralf Dreher, Managing Director of R-Biopharm AG. “Trilogy’s name and reputation are synonymous with analytical excellence and the retention of Trilogy’s management team was mandatory for our long term strategic plans for expansion into the laboratory service business that will also support our diagnostic test kits. Trilogy is a welcome addition to the R-Biopharm Group”.

R-Biopharm AG currently has 13 subsidiary companies and distributes its products in more than 120 countries. R-Biopharm, Inc. the US subsidiary will relocate and combine its facilities and operations with Trilogy in Washington, MO., although the two companies will continue to operate independently. “It’s important for Trilogy to maintain independence as a reference laboratory” said Kurt Johnson, President of R-Biopharm, Inc. “Even though R-Biopharm Group owns a majority interest in Trilogy they must maintain a level of trust and ensure confidentiality with their clients”.

“R-Biopharm’s commitment to allow us to continue to operate under the Trilogy brand and their engagement of our long term employees was instrumental in our decision to partner with R-Biopharm”, said Carrie Maune, President of Trilogy Analytical. “And although we had discussions with several other fine companies that had an interest in acquiring our business, the long term growth, expansion and independence of Trilogy was paramount in our decision process. R-Biopharm’s vast network of subsidiary companies and distributors will immediately expand our potential customer base worldwide”. R-Biopharm is a leading developer of test solutions for clinical diagnostics and food & feed safety analysis. R-Biopharm assays offer high precision and accuracy, key requirements where patient, consumer and animal health are at risk. R-Biopharm has earned high accolades for its innovation and business performance. R-Biopharm’s industry leading technology has earned the company international recognition by being nominated as a finalist for 'Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year’ in 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2009. R-Biopharm was also recognized in 2004 and 2005 after being placed in the 'Technology Fast 50', a ranking of fastest-growing technology companies.

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